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Venners professional stocktake experts will help you drive higher profits for your hospitality business.

Expert stocktake services

Venners offer a wide range of bespoke stocktake solutions to pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and many other hospitality venues. Our colleagues are a genuine support network to food and beverage operators throughout the UK. Training our stocktake experts to the highest standards, our customers can rely on insightful and accurate stock count audit data which will significantly improve profits.

Stocktake UK hospitality services

Venners has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of hospitality stocktake services in the UK for over 125 years. Today, we are still the UK’s largest and leading stocktake company, employing over 150 stocktakers across the UK. Our stocktake audit specialists help hospitality businesses:

Improve yield

Reduce waste

Control stockholding

Optimise margins

Prevent theft

Boost profit

Need a stocktake now?

Need a stocktake now?

Our stocktake support teams are readily available to help you arrange the stocktake services you require.


Trusted stocktake providers

Holistic stocktake solutions


With every stocktake you can expect accurate stock audit reports, alongside in-depth analytical insight. The reports are designed to help businesses improve margins and optimise profits and can be accessed via our handy online portal upon the completion of a stocktake.


Receive bespoke step-by-step recommendations following every stocktake to improve stock control in your business. Through our customised action plans we will help you to cultivate best practice stock management procedures and help your business reach its full potential.


Our stocktake professionals offer expert advice to those accompanying them throughout each stocktake. Delivering on-site coaching their guidance helps your teams bolster their knowledge and reshape internal control practices. Extra training can be provided as an add-on service.

Hospitality stock audits

We offer food and beverage stocktake services to any type of hospitality business.

Bar stocktake

Receive specialist insight from our trained team of bar stock audit professionals. Having been BII accredited they deliver expert food and beverage stock takes and advice to the licensed trade and many top UK bars.

Restaurant stocktake

Get practical insight on how to run tighter and more profitable restaurant operations. We offer restaurant stock audit services to fine dining, casual dining, fast food and other types of restaurant venues.

Hotel stocktake

Use our hotel stock audit services to improve food and beverage profits. We work with many independent hoteliers, as well as renowned hotel brands, hotel management companies, resorts, hostels, motels, boutiques and inns.

Club stocktake

We provide stock audit services to a broad range of clubs, helping them improve food and beverage profits. Book us for any of the below and more:

Plus many more...

Our stock take services are also used by many other hospitality operators. We help any type of business improve food and beverage profits, including: