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Improve standards and drive change with Venners’ compliance auditing solutions for the hospitality industry. You get the data, we’ll do the work.

360° audits nationwide

Let our network of compliance auditors across the United Kingdom be the eyes and ears of your business through independent on-site monitoring. Our compliance audits are supported by training, online software and expert insight. It makes us the perfect partner for multi sites and growing businesses like franchisors, hotel groups, fast food and coffee chains, and pub and restaurant companies.

Manage your operation better

Benefit from compliance packages that reveal the true picture of compliance in your business. Our on-the-ground compliance auditors check against standard operating procedures, policies and legal requirements specific to your business and help you promote operational excellence and standards, as well as tackle financial losses.

Monitor performance

Protect reputation

Improve standards

Safeguard revenue

Drive change

Control risk

Premium compliance solutions

As an impartial partner to your business, our tailored compliance audits give you a truly objective view of compliance levels across your business. Create your bespoke list of assessment questions, by choosing from the below combination of services.

Site audits

Get an independent audit of your sites and assess them as and when you need to. Together with you we build a custom list of requirements and expected standards that sites will be measured against. Our nationwide network of auditors will carry out the audits on your behalf, inputting compliance findings directly into our auditing software. Receive digital reports directly to your inbox and view your company site audit scores via a handy dashboard.

Quality assurance tests

Ensure that company quality standards are being met, by testing whether policies are being followed across your wider estate. This popular audit determines if a consistent experience and level of quality is delivered for customers throughout your business and across your brand. The test includes service standards, which covers topics such as customer service, as well as product sampling, to check the use of preferred suppliers and products.

Performance scoring

Score performance for each site you own, manage or franchise. Receive comparative analysis to help you determine at which locations efficiencies need to be improved and how your business compares to others. A typical benchmarking audit will consider stock management and waste management processes and investigate staff-based performance indicators, including expectations on the use of sales tactics, such as upselling.

Brand inspection

Particularly popular amongst franchisors, brand compliance audits can cover multiple touch points across your business. No matter the internal requirements, monitoring your brand presentation is a key part of managing your business reputation. We’ll help you inspect franchisee or managed estate locations, looking at product display, point of sale (POS), internal signage, in-store marketing, uniform expectations, cleanliness standards and more.

HR safeguarding

Confirm that HR related compliance requirements are being maintained at site level. Staff communications, such as legal Health & Safety posters and other internal communications often get neglected in the day-to-day running of a busy site. Additional safeguarding checks include checking if the correct number of staff are present, whether the license holders are on site , or ID checks of personnel – especially relevant for night-time employers.

Due dilligence checks

Remove the burden from staying on top of basic legal compliance requirements. Ensure documentation records are kept up-to-date, statutory notices are up, crowd control systems are checked and random fire safety checks are made, in accordance with your company specific policies. Each audit flags up potential legal issues and reminds teams to pay attention to particular tasks on a regular basis; keeping customers safe and you safe from fines.

Risk investigation

Introduce third party controls through compliance monitoring, to manage risks more effectively. Within any operation, risks to reputation and profitability can form due to a combination of operational inadequacies or financial gaps. Doing spot checks on key revenue related areas, such as stock control, till setup, reporting, banking procedures, safe checks and cash counts can highlight anomolies and unusual activities that could be costing your business money.

Till monitoring

Check staff usage of tills to highlight any procedural errors and expose fraudulent activity by either staff or management. Till and EPOS systems can be unfortunate gateways to huge financial losses. Frequent remote till data monitoring deters fraud, reinforces best practices for employees and closes down any opportunities to divert revenue through known routes, such as discount use and timing, voids and refunds and reverse payments.

Cash counts

Strengthen cash handling and banking procedures with independent cash counts. From random unannounced till crashes, to regular cash float checks and safe checks, walk-in cash counts can be a great supplement to financial cash and banking controls. Get accurate figures for cash-on-hand and cross reference this against current and previous banking records, or future forecasted figures to bring transparency to the accuracy of internal records.

Supply chain review

Confirm the accurate delivery of services and products by suppliers. Incorrect pricing, packaging and processes can cost clients thousands. Hold suppliers accountable for the contracts and agreements they have with you. Introducing regular supply chain audits, which carry out spot checks on items or services delivered can help ensure that the quantitities, accuracy and quality of products delivered, match order invoices and delivery notes.

Mystery shopping

Receive a standardised review of customer experience across your sites. These undercover and unannounced drop ins can examine in detail the true guest experience, supporting and verifying other forms of valuable feedback you may have in place for your operation. Our mystery guests can rate and score sites according to a set of bespoke standards, analysing and incentivising service excellence from front of house to back of house across all day parts.

Spot stock check

Keep track of discrepancies between stocktaking and EPOS software data and real stock on hand, with this mini stock count. Regular stock spot checks are performed on a limited number of product lines. This stock compliance audit combines both your stocktaking and compliance needs to encourage best practice stock control and to prevent petty theft or fraudulent schemes that displace, use or resell stock.

Royalty checks

Be assured that revenue and commissions declared by sites you manage, lease or franchise, are accurate. Through revenue reporting analysis our auditors will introduce financial transparency between site level and head office. Where inconsistencies are found further on-site audits may be utilised. With royalty reports you can be sure to maximise any royalty agreements you have in place with your stakeholders.


Compliance audit software

Whether you want to check overall compliance trends across your entire business, or address individual site compliance failures, our online reporting solution covers it all. View your latest compliance audit reports instantly and check site performance scores on any device.

How we support

Custom-built audits

Custom-built audits

Each customer audit is tailored to their specific compliance needs. Thanks to years of trade experience and a long legacy of industry knowledge, our auditors will guide you through this process, sharing best practice.

Covert inspection

Covert inspection

Our unique auditing process can include a partially undercover inspection. An ideal strategy to stopping non-compliance. Discreetly observing staff and monitoring their behaviour and actions can also be key to getting to the root of more complex compliance issues.

Corrective and preventative actions

Corrective and preventative actions

Our CAPA system facilitates follow up actions to rectify non-compliance. Automated workflows are set up with mandatory follow up actions for relevant teams, programmed reminders for completion and escalation procedures if these tasks are neglected.

Critical failure warnings

Critical failure warnings

Our auditors are trained to spot and flag any unusual issues during their analysis. These issues may need escalating on occasion. As an add-on feature, customers can rely on our consultants to carry out more in-depth investigations, at a discounted fee.

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