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Venners stocktakers, auditors and consultants work with some of the largest bar operators in the UK.

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Bar stocktaking and auditing activities are crucial to running a profitable drinks business. Many wet-led and liquor focused businesses in the licensed trade, deal with unnecessary daily losses from their bars because their margins, pouring practices, stock controls and financial controls are not optimised.

Whether you run one bar or multiple bars, serve alcoholic beverages or not, a strong stocktaking and auditing programme can make all the difference in the profit you return from your drinks stock. Venners stocktakers and profit consultants have worked with some of the UK’s top bar operators, from sports bars to concept bars, and cocktail bars to wine bars, helping them effectively control stock and finances. Stocktaking and financial auditing will help you:

Optimise margins

Control stock

Reduce losses

Manage wastage

Tackle fraud

Detect theft

Specialist services for bar operators

Bar stocktaking

Bar stocktaking

Improve profits from your beverages and liquor stock with the help of our bar stock takes. Our bar stocktakers deliver standardised same-day stock take reports for every bar in your business and give a full debrief and stock control action plan at the end of each stock take.

Fraud investigation

Fraud investigation

Get to the bottom of insider fraud or theft. Through undercover mystery visits to your bars, our auditors will investigate any unusual behaviour and spot signs of fraud or theft by reconciling your EPOS activity to the live transactions happening in your bar areas.

Money trail audits

Money trail audits

Monitor cash handling in your bars and close down any financial gaps in your operation. Our financial audits will strengthen your cash and banking protocols. We’ll audit payment systems, crash tills, check safes, inspect back-office reporting, monitor till data and more.

Profit improvement consultancy

Profit improvement consultancy

Achieve the revenue figures you should reasonably expect from your bars. Whether you want to benchmark bar staff performance, improve stock control, optimise drinks yield and margins, introduce effective policies, our solutions aim to address and reduce losses.

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