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Venners stocktakers, auditors and consultants work with some of the top restaurant chains and brands in the UK.

Restaurant data and insight

To run a smooth and profitable restaurant operation, it is vital to draw on key operational data like stock take results and compliance audit scores. No matter the type or scope of restaurant – fast food, casual dining, fine dining, independent, multi-site, chain, franchised – it will be a succes if you monitor stocktaking and auditing data.

Venners stocktakers and auditors have worked with restaurants, diners, cafés, brasseries, bistros and food-led pubs across the United Kingdom, helping them overcome operational challenges with data, advice and training. To this day many well renowned restaurant brands know and trust us to deliver stock takes, compliance solutions and profit protection services to help them:

Optimise margins

Control stock

Reduce waste

Maintain standards

Boost efficiency

Increase profit

Specialist restaurant services

Restaurant stocktaking

Restaurant stocktaking

Improve food and drink margins and profits with the help of our restaurant stock takes. For each restaurant we visit, our stocktakers deliver standardised same-day stock take reports, give a debrief after each stock take and can deliver training too.

Restaurant site audits

Restaurant site audits

Review site specific audit scores to compare staff performance, due dilligence and other standards. Our nationwide network of auditors will complete each audit on your behalf, and share compliance scores via our auditing software.

Money trail audits

Money trail audits

Monitor branch level handling of finances and onsite cash and banking procedures to curtail losses and reduce fraud. Our unique auditing methods can include crashing of tills, safe checks and unannounced cash counts, as well as till and EPOS monitoring.

Food waste management

Food waste management

Create a realistic food waste reduction plan to address recurring wastage. Our consultants will help your restaurant achieve sustainability goals and will demonstrate how food waste management benefits margins and profits too.

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