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Venners stocktakers, auditors and consultants work with some of the UK’s most popular leisure and entertainment operators.

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Indoor and outdoor leisure and entertainment sites increasingly recognise that regular stocktaking and auditing underpins higher business profits. Yet many leisure operators do not have the internal stock control knowledge to improve profits for their food and drink, merchandise and equipment sales and hire stock.

Venners is a trusted provider of stocktaking and control solutions to a huge variety of operators across the United Kingdom. These include leisure centres, attraction parks, cinemas, bowling alleys, arcades, casinos, gyms, visitor attractions, tourist attractions, escape rooms, experience venues and many more. Let us deliver valuable stocktaking and auditing data and insight to your operational management and finance teams to help them:

Maintain inventory

Control stock

Reduce losses

Manage cash flow

Increase margins

Optimise profits

Specialist leisure sector services

Food and drink stocktaking

Food and drink stocktaking

Improve food and drink margins and profits with the help of our on site stock takes. For each leisure site we visit, our stocktakers deliver same-day stock take reports, give a full debrief at the end of each stock take and can deliver stock control training too.

Equipment inventory

Equipment inventory

Regain control of stock management and profits in your shops. Our equipment and merchandise stock counts and stock inventorisation process will help refresh your inventory management. Achieve greater margins and profits for stock on site.

Money trail audits

Money trail audits

Keep an eye on financial gaps in your operation. Our audits strengthen cash handling and banking procedures at all your sites. We’ll monitor entrance fees, offset transactions against till records, check payment systems, do cash counts and more.

Profit improvement consultancy

Profit improvement consultancy

Achieve the revenue figures you should reasonably expect from your leisure sites. Whether you want to benchmark staff performance, improve stock control, monitor site efficiencies, need help with policy writing or training, we cover it all.

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