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Do you find it difficult to achieve target gross profit figures from your food and drink products? You don’t have to struggle anymore! Our easy to use calculator has been designed for those responsible for pricing items for sale. It is frequently used by business owners, tenants, bar managers, sommeliers, and chefs to help them achieve specific margins on their menu items. So, if you are looking for a tool to help you ensure that new dishes are set at the correct selling prices to achieve budgeted GP, then look no further. Our gross profit calculator looks at:

Cost prices

Selling prices

Expected margins

Budgeted GP

How it works

Use our gross profit calculator in one of two ways. Find out how much you need to sell an item for by inputting the cost prices and expected margins you require. Alternatively, find out exactly what margin you will achieve if your cost prices and selling prices are set to a certain price.

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