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Theatre companies frequently miss out on essential profits from their drink stock and bar operations because they forgo basic controls like stocktaking and auditing. Although drink sales tend to be seen as a secondary and less vital source of income, theatre companies could reap significant profits from regular stocktaking and auditing activities, which also happen to offer a direct return on investment.

Venners is a trusted provider of stocktaking and control solutions to multiple theatre companies across the United Kingdom. Our stocktakers and auditors deliver valuable data and insight to help operational management teams:

Benchmark performance

Optimise profit

Control stock

Reduce losses

Tackle fraud

Detect theft

Specialist theatre services

Theatre stocktaking

Theatre stocktaking

Improve drink and alcohol profits with the help of our theatre bar stock takes. For each theatre we visit, our stocktakers deliver standardised same-day stock take reports, give a full debrief at the end of each stock take and can deliver training too.

Cash control audits

Cash control audits

Keep an eye on cash handling in your operation. Our audits aim to deter and spot fraud. We monitor bar transactions, offset these against till records, check payment system setups, follow cash movements, carry out till crashes and more.

Inventory management advice

Inventory management advice

Get bespoke advice on stock control for your theatre operation. We help you manage your stockholding, improve inventory management, monitor storage transfers and movements across your venue. The perfect way to boost profits.

Profit improvement consultancy

Profit improvement consultancy

Achieve the revenue figures you should reasonably expect from your theatre bars. Whether you want to benchmark performance at site-level, improve stock control, cash control, policy writing, or monitor staff performance, we cover it all.

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