Check your compliance audit scores online

Make light work of raising standards. Instantly review all your sites’ compliance scores, audit results and corrective actions using our handy online software solution.

Online compliance reporting

Our compliance auditors will visit your sites and complete a customised audit check across a range of assessments and specifications. Their findings are input straight onto tablets and will report on any details, comments and photographic evidence of non-compliance. Upon completion, your compliance reports become instantly available to view online via our portal and are emailed directly to your management team and site.  Our compliance auditing software allows you to:

View audit scores

Review evidence

Flag failures

Compare standards

Assign actions

Correct issues


Easy to use software

Find out how our complete compliance auditing solution can benefit your business. Our demos will show you a range of sample compliance audit reports and flexible online access to dashboards. They’ll also demonstrate how live action management tools help us monitor actions taken by sites to address non-compliance post-audit. All accessible on any device.

Software features

Site reporting

Site reporting

The site and regional management teams receive instant compliance reports at the end of each visit via email and the portal. The report will compare results to previous visits, giving every management level visibility of recuring issues of non-compliance.

Dashboard Reports

Dashboard Reports

Dashboard access can be granted to multiple levels of management, allowing each to review their area of responsibility. Managers can review scores across sites, set benchmarks for compliance, asses common failures to adjust training, and monitor action progress to deadlines.

Corrective and preventative actions

Corrective and preventative actions

Our CAPA system facilitates follow up actions to rectify non-compliance. Automated workflows are set up with mandatory follow up actions for relevant teams, programmed reminders for completion and escalation procedures if these tasks are neglected.

Critical failure warnings

Critical failure warnings

Our auditors are trained to escalate unacceptable recurring issues during their analysis whenever necessary. At a discounted fee, customers can also request our consultants to carry out a deeper investigation to get to the root of the problem.

How it works

Online audit set up

Once the audit framework is approved, the system is set up and relevant individuals are granted access rights.

Audit report goes live

Email notifications will be sent out to management following each completed site audit.

Assign follow-up tasks

Where non-compliance is flagged automatic deadlines are set up for the site to correct the issue.

Action approval

Site managers submit actions taken to correct failures via the portal, which are then approved by management or Venners.

Escalate recurring issues

Upon the next audit, if recurring non-compliance is found, this will be escalated to a higher level.

Review the dashboard

Relevant individuals will be able to compare site-based compliance levels using the online dashboard available.

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