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Venners stocktakers, auditors and consultants work with many sports and social clubs across the UK.

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Social clubs and sports clubs can transform food and drink and membership profits by completing regular stock takes and audits. Stocktaking in bars, cafes, clubrooms and kiosks, as well as proper inventory management of merchandise, equipment sales and equipment hire, is proven to reduce losses and boost income.

As a trusted provider of stocktaking and control solutions Venners supports many sports and social club committees and club managers across the United Kingdom. These include cricket clubs, football clubs, hockey clubs, golf clubs, rowing clubs, gentleman’s clubs, comedy clubs, country clubs, yacht clubs and more. Our stocktakers and auditors deliver valuable data and insight to your operational management and finance teams to help them:

Control stock

Manage inventory

Boost profit

Reduce losses

Tackle fraud

Detect theft

Specialist club services

Club stocktaking

Club stocktaking

Improve your food and drink profits with the help of our social club and sports club stock takes. For each club we visit, our stocktakers deliver standardised same-day stock take reports, give a full debrief at the end of each stock take and can deliver training too.

Fraud investigation

Fraud investigation

Get to the bottom of insider fraud or theft. Using our ‘follow the money’ methodology, our auditors spot fraud and detect theft in any part of your operation through covert mystery style visits, till monitoring and cash and banking procedure audits.

Equipment inventory

Equipment inventory

Refresh inventory management of equipment and merchandise stock in your club’s shops. Our stock counts and valuations will help you regain control of your inventory system, achieve greater margins and reduce on-site stock losses.

Membership audit

Membership audit

Stop individuals from using your memberships fraudulently. Our membership fraud auditors check who your real members are, help you chase up payments, and find and eradicate discount abuse by staff and individuals who are not members.

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