Analyse your stock take results online

Make stock control data analysis and management simple. Instantly review all your sites’ stock take reports using our handy online software solution.

Online stock take reporting

New Venners customers get access to our online stock control portal when their operational setup is compatible with our software. Use the stock control portal to see status updates on all your upcoming stocktakes. As soon as your results are ready your reports will be instantly available to view online, which by default is always the very same day as your stock take takes place. Plus, search and find any previous stock take results and analysis whenever you need to.

With Venners Online you can:

View stock results

Analyse stock data

Download reports

Manage access rights

Check the timetable

Confirm visit details


Easy to use software

Find out how our complete stock control solution can benefit your business. Our demos will show you how to access your stock take reports online and cover key functionality available in the portal, such as how to manage access rights and view your stocktaking schedule and visit details.

Software options

Choose from our range of online and offline stock control and stock take reporting software options.

Online stock control portal

Give multiple levels of management access to review in-depth site stock reports at the click of a button. This includes looking at results by branch, stockholding data, variances, full liquor reports, GP% analysis and much more. Using the calendar view available, managers can easily check all their planned, accepted and past stocktakes and review archived stock reports in full detail.

Cellar management software

VenPowa is an affordable Cellar Management system available to Venners stocktaking customers at an extra cost. It allows you to reconcile the stock in your cellar and gives you the ability to manage an unlimited number of outlets, giving you improved security and control when transferring stock between bars and departments. Achieve full cellar control by purchasing a VenPowa license today.

Corporate stock reporting system

This free stock management reporting system collates stocktake data into meaningful and informative reports and is available to Venners’ corporate multi-site stocktaking customers only. The data is sent daily via email to your Head Office allowing management to discern trends on a local, regional or national basis, and offers company-wide sales and margin analysis for each product.

Software features

Online report notifications

Online report notifications

As soon as our stocktakers publish their results, the stock take report will go live on our portal. Status updates and automated email notifications show management their active stock takes and let them know when new reports have been generated and published.

Corporate result analysis

Corporate result analysis

Perfect for c-suite executives, our consolidated stocktaking reports allow multi-site customers to analyse area, regional or company wide performance against powerful metrics such as stockholding, consumption data, sales mix, stock results and more.

Permission settings

Permission settings

Access rights can be provided for multiple levels of management, ensuring the right individuals have oversight over their areas of responsibility. With adjustable permission settings, access rights can be easily changed and set up when required.

Scheduling assistance

Scheduling assistance

Connected directly with our Head Office workplanning team, the online portal allows management to view planned stock take dates via their calendar. Stock takes can be pre-scheduled at certain intervals, prompting site managers to confirm any suggested dates.

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