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Whether you operate tens or thousands of sites, Venners have long supported multi site businesses with scalable stocktaking solutions.

Multi location stock takes

Venners employ a team of over 200 stocktakers who are geographically spread around the United Kingdom. We deliver stock takes to a wide range of industries and can complete large scale stocktaking jobs at multiple locations at the same time.

Benefits of multi site stocktaking

The benefits of regular and standardised multi site stock takes are endless, which is why they are so vital to the success of multi location businesses. Multi site stock takes boost overall business profits. They bring transparency over stock movements, help you identify top and bottom sellers and enable you to effectively control costs and allocate resources. Plus, they facilitate the reduction of risks and wastage and help you ensure KPI performance is optimised at each of your sites. Our multi site stocktakers will provide you with accurate data on:

Stock results

Sales yield

Product shelf life

Gross profit



Why choose Venners

Multi site discounts

When purchasing our stocktaking packages, we offer volume discounts for multi site operators. Once your business is set up on our system we provide flat fees across all future stock takes, as well as discounted rates for additional sites that are onboarded as part of your business’ upscaling strategy.

Independent stocktakers

Our teams can deliver stocktaking at multiple locations at the same time and are always fully employed by Venners. As highly efficient third party stocktakers they are guaranteed to provide accurate and standardised results, as well as deliver specialist insight into stock, revenue and profit.

Online stock take reports

Food and drink stock takes are published on our online stock control portal. The portal also allows you to manage access rights, view visit details and check the stocktaking schedule. Stock take reports for specialist products for other industries will published via email, rather than our online portal.

Dedicated account manager

As a multi site customer you will have first-hand access to your own dedicated account director and account manager. They will hold quarterly review meetings with you, and are always available to resolve any issues in between reviews.

Customer service

The Venners office-based customer service team are an additional resource who help your sites work through any requests or issues they encounter. They coordinate the logistics of all your upcoming stock takes and can answer any concerns or questions your teams might have about their stock take results.

Call Today to Book Your Stocktake

Call Today to Book Your Stocktake

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Extra multi site services

Custom overview reports

Custom overview reports

Request specific analysis reports to monitor company performance. Our enhanced operational reports can be set up to benchmark company and site specific performance against any KPIs. Perfect for board level reporting.

Compliance checks

Compliance checks

Promote operational excellence and standards, and tackle financial losses. Our compliance auditors check against standard operating procedures, policies and legal requirements specific to your business.

Stock control training

Stock control training

Book introductory or refresher stock control training courses and one-to-one mentoring for your personnel. Great for employees who are new to the job, or to advance general stock control knowledge in your business.

Profit protection consultancy

Profit protection consultancy

Achieve the revenue figures you should reasonably expect from your entire operation. Our consultants help you improve site-level performance, stock and cash controls, staff performance, policies and much more.

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