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Venners stocktakers, auditors and consultants have worked with some of the largest concerts, shows and festivals in the UK.

Control solutions for live events

Concerts and festivals can hugely benefit from live stocktaking and other auditing services. Given the high sales volumes, temporary workforces and limited service-times event operators have to deal with, it is absolutely vital that they reduce risks where possible. Stocktaking and auditing helps you account for stock and observe outlets, bars and food service points, to ensure your event achieves optimal profits.

Venners are trusted providers of stocktaking and control solutions and have supported many major music weekenders, food and drink festivals and other live music and entertainment events. Our stocktakers and auditors deliver valuable data, insight and coaching to help event operators:

Control stock

Improve efficiency

Optimise margins

Reduce losses

Tackle theft

Safeguard cash

Festival and concert services

Concert and festival stocktaking

Concert and festival stocktaking

Get daily stock take results and oversee live stock movements. Our festival and concert stocktakers monitor deliveries and returns, produce end of day stock results, deliver full stock-to-cash data analysis and help coach teams on better stock control practices.

Money trail audits

Money trail audits

Check for non-compliance in cash handling and discourage theft and fraud by staff. Our audits check cash management, include unannounced till inspections, help you monitor cash movements and investigate staff till usage throughout the event.

Cellar management

Cellar management

Trace back human errors, inefficiencies and abuse using our effective stocktaking software solution. Our cellar management system helps concerts and festivals maintain staff accountability for any on-site stock movements and stock distribution.

Margin improvement consultancy

Margin improvement consultancy

Get expert advice from senior event stocktaking consultants. Festival and concert teams will learn how to improve food and drink product yield and sales, when to open outlets and how to spot the opportune moment to start pre-pouring.

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