Best practice training for hospitality

Train your sites and staff to be both proficient in and compliant with hospitality standards and best practice operating procedures.

Best practice training programmes

Educate your business on key hospitality processes and procedures through best practice training courses. Hospitality best practice training is perfect for General Managers and Operations Managers who believe in being the absolute best in their field. Learn how to run hospitality operations to their optimum potential. Working with top hospitality businesses throughout the UK, our training is designed to instill knowledge and practical guidance on how to raise standards and performance in:

Stock control

Cash control

Revenue control

Operational excellence

Brand adherence

Due diligence

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Excellence training courses

Do you run a franchise or multisite business, such as a pub company, restaurant group or hotel chain? Operational excellence, operational risk resilience and overall compliance standards should be a top priority. Our best practice training courses cover every angle of excellence within your business:

Compliance Best Practice Training

Become a more compliant business by training in hospitality compliance standards. This best practice training will equip you to teach your staff about the expected compliance processes and standards that they should adhere to as part of their day-to-day. Our professional coaches will share tips, tricks and tools on how to improve compliance through the use of policies and practices.

Operational Excellence Training

Learn how to run your business in a tight and profitable manner. Operational excellence training is all about understanding the processes and activities that keep your business performing at its optimum. Having specialised in hospitality controls and performance since 1896, our professional coaches offer the highest quality best practice training for businesses in the sector.

Stock Excellence Training

Master the basics of stock control to drive a positive impact on your food and drink margins. We will teach you how to effectively read and interpret stock related reports and data. On top of that, you will learn how to put this into practice and make the quickest wins for your business. Our expertise in stocktaking make us the perfect stock control training mentors for any hospitality business.

Beat the Audit Training

Improve your site-based compliance audit scores by getting ahead of the game. Our beat the audit training is compatible with any compliance auditing programme and will highlight how to improve audit specific performance requirements. We believe the most effective route to improving best practice standards is not to use compliance auditing as a disciplinary activity, but rather to use it as an educational aid.

Business Best Practice Training

Ensure your sites adhere to general or company specific hospitality standards. Pick from a range of off-the-shelf best practice training modules, or request a bespoke set of modules tailored to your business. Modules can cover everything from expected branding to operational processes both at the front of house and the back of house.


Learn to achieve!

Inspire your teams to be the best. Boost skills and knowledge with best practice training with our specialist coaching. Our network of training coaches will share anecdotes, stories and experiences relevant to your business sector to help your business achieve more.

Training formats

Classroom training

Classroom training

Our training experts will deliver local face-to-face best practice training courses. These courses will cover generic hospitality best practice training.

On-site training

On-site training

Target your business’ specific painpoints. Customise your best practice training plan to your business specific compliance and best practice standards.



Pick from a range of engaging online training modules. Our e-learning consists of short videos, reading materials and interactive quizzes.

Blended learning

Blended learning

Let’s work together to build your training programme in a way that suits you. Construct your programme with a mix of virtual and on-the-ground training.

Demo e-learning module

Watch this example of a best practice training module on stock control. Our e-learning modules can be generic to hospitality businesses or bespoke to your business needs.

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FREE best practice training materials

Access our latest informational guide on operational excellence as part of your best practice training journey.