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Our qualified inventory specialists and valuers provide accurate and standardised inventory valuations and inventory management support.

Venners valuers and auditors

Need a full inventory valuation, or help with verifying the accuracy of your inventory management system? Venners auditors and valuers have a wealth of experience in all aspects of asset register management and intentory valuation across multiple sectors. We have provided inventory auditing solutions to hospitality operators, retailers, manufacturers, transport businesses, technology distributors and more.

Inventory valuation services

Receive up-to-date and technical inventory lists, valuations and audit reports on all your products and assets, including those which are spread geographically. Vital for any business to accurately know its current value, refresh its inventory management protocols and processes, meet Recognised Accounting Standards, make an insurance claim, or to buy, sell or transfer ownership of property. It’s also great for outlining financial information on assets for investors and key business stakeholders.

Bespoke inventory solutions

Choose from our range of asset and inventory counts, valuations and audits.

Inventory valuation

Get a full valuation of your inventory, no matter the location or geographical spread of your business. Our nationwide team of auditors are trained to audit and value inventory premises like warehouses, supply chains, distribution centres and customer facing stores worldwide. They can value any number of goods, products, technical items, materials, machinery or other stock.

Asset valuation

Get an accurate valuation on all your business assets. A great way to provide transparency on stakeholder and investor owned items, or to improve asset security and due diligence. Our fully contracted asset management register teams are trained to securely audit and value multi million pound premises to a standardised specification. It means that we can value any type of asset or high-value product.

Food and drink stock valuation

Recieve an industry approved stock report of your food and drink stock. As a recommended supplier for several accounting firms and hospitality finance teams, our stock inventory valuations are trusted to deliver the required data to help finalise accounts at year end. They’re also perfect for those who are planning to buy or sell a business and can be combined with a fixtures and fittings valuation.

Fixtures and fittings valuation

Get a full valuation of your business to aid the process of buying, selling, handovers, asset stripping and transferring of ownership. Our qualified and AVLP approved valuers can complete a valuation of all your fixtures and fittings, furniture, chattels, effects, fine art, antiques, curtains, tables, chairs and carpets. They will provide an opinion on an in situ willing buyer and willing seller basis.

Walk-round valuation

Our walk-round valuations provide an overal estimate for the value of any fixtures, fittings, chattels and furniture across your premises. This excludes an itemised inventory list by area for your business. Our walk-round valuations will always be based upon what your assets are worth to an operative pub, hotel or alternative hospitality business, according to our expert opinion.

Inventory refresh

Need to start from scratch to regain control of your inventory management processes? Our inventory consultants have many years of experience analysing inventory management systems and procedures. They’ll help you identify pain points and problems, set up an accurate inventory list and provide advice on how to better control inventory through the use of replicable auditing.

Inventory list

Recieve a full inventory list and master inventory catalogue for your business on an area by area basis. Our inventory auditors can count any type of inventory item against a standardised specification. This includes products, technical items, materials, machinery and other complex goods, whether barcoded or not.  Our nationwide team of auditors will be able to count your intentory at short notice.

Asset list

Improve asset security and due diligence thanks to an up-to-date and itemised list of all your high-value assets. No matter the location of your business, or geographical spread of your assets, our wealth of experience in asset register management has seen us deploy our inventory experts and nationwide team of auditors across the United Kingdom at short notice.

Asset audits

Validate and evaluate your assets regularly. Our asset audits provide frequent and effective visibility on all assets, helping organisations ensure their asset records are accurate and up-to-date. We can check asset conditions, asset life left and other compliance related checks. A great way to maintain financial statistics, secure assets, promote proof of due dilligence for insurance purposes, and safeguard assets from theft and unauthorised access.

A customer success story

Venners help Pirate put a price on unscannable products

“Venners worked closely with our internal team to understand a complex and technical inventory, and turned around a nationwide inventory check in remarkably quick time. We now have an accurate inventory catalogue across all our UK sites and we’re so much more confident in our due diligence set-up going forward.”

— Mike Brandon, Managing Director, Pirate

How we support

Flexible to your needs

Flexible to your needs

Frequently dealing with complicated projects, our valuation process includes a bespoke setup for every customer. This can be tailored to any business model, work hours and geographical location, including completing the valuation in Europe and beyond.

Fully independent

Fully independent

As fully independent and transparent valuers, you can be assured that there is no conflict of interest surrounding your asset valuations. For example, we can provide our service to the vendor only, the purchaser only, or to both parties.

Dispute management

Dispute management

As professional brokers our asset valuation team aims to bring about fairness for all parties involved. Thanks to years of experience they are able to resolve disputes and save you a lot of money and heartache in the process.

AVLP panel of experts

AVLP panel of experts

Our General Manager for Inventory and Valuation, Wayne Chalk, serves on the Association of Valuers of Licensed Property (AVLP), a panel of independent valuers set up to intervene in a dispute between two valuers who cannot agree a valuation.

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