Liquor stocktaking for the licensed trade

Having spearheaded liquor stocktaking in the licensed trade since 1896, we are still the UK’s leading liquor stocktaking provider today.

Effective liquor stocktaking

Our nationwide team of stocktakers deliver liquor stocktaking to pubs, bars, nightclubs and other wet-led operators with licensed trade premises. As trained professionals, who hold a BII accredited liquor stocktaking accreditation, our team of stocktakers knows exactly how to count, record and analyse liquor stock data. With unparalleled industry knowledge and experience, as well as efficient processes, the operational data we provide on your liquor stock is comprehensive and includes:

Stock results

Sales yield

Itemised variances

Gross profit



Why choose Venners

Independent professionals

In-house liquor stocktaking often fails to provide objective and accurate results and analysis of your liquor data. Venners are never biased, are trained to the highest standards, benchmark your sites’ performance against others in the industry and help you tackle tough problems.

Same day online reports

Our liquor stocktaking reports are always published on site and discussed fully with your food and beverage team. They detail stock results, analysis and action points. Customers with a compatible operational setup can also view their reports via our online portal.

Holistic customer service

Our liquor stocktaking package includes a customer service helpline, on-the-ground supervisory teams and a stock loss warnings system. From organising a stock take, to answering questions about your stock take results, to booking periodic review meetings, we always have someone available to help.

Exclusive add-ons

On top of your standard liquor stocktaking package, we can deliver mentoring and training. Plus we can conduct spirit tests to verify that sites are stocking genuine products in accordance with the spirits you advertise.

The benefits to your operation

Improved gross profit

Improved gross profit

See real improvements in your gross profits thanks to low cost services that offer a direct ROI.

Higher product yield

Higher product yield

Generate optimal profits in the till for every product you sell with the help of our product yield coaching.

Minimised losses

Minimised losses

Reduce losses by learning where your business could protect profits and eradicate write-offs.

Enhanced stockholding

Enhanced stockholding

Get guidance on close dated or slow moving stock to improve stock holding and profitability.

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