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Venners stocktakers, auditors and consultants work with warehouses, distribution centres and other wholesale storage locations across the UK.

Control solutions for wholesale

Stock takes and inventory management help wholesale supply chains manage their stock effectively across warehouses, distribution centres and other storage locations that may be spread far and wide geographically. Nationwide and large scale stocktaking jobs and inventory projects are most effective when custom inventory lists and management systems are set up. This allows stock levels to be verified according to a standardised specification.

Venners stocktakers and auditors have worked with a huge range of sectors, helping them manage stock levels and product inventories of unscannable and barcoded products alike. As experts in profit protection, our stocktaking and inventory auditing solutions help wholesale businesses to:

Manage inventory

Control stock

Optimise yield

Improve efficiency

Reduce waste

Boost profits

Specialist wholesale services

Wholesale stocktaking

Wholesale stocktaking

Improve business profits with the help of our wholesale stock takes. Our nationwide team of warehouse stocktakers can deliver standardised reports across multiple locations at the same time. They will share key action points and provide a full debrief, at the end of each stock take.

Waste control

Waste control

Control product costs and product handling procedures to reduce waste and boost profit. Our consultants audit and investigate your production lines and delivery processes to identify gaps in controls. Waste auditing is the perfect way to reduce losses and carbon footprints.

Inventory management

Inventory management

Get an itemised list and master inventory catalogue for all your products. Whether you need a complete stock reset or want to improve your inventory management system for security and due diligence reasons, our nationwide auditors can visit all your locations across the UK.

Yield improvement consultancy

Yield improvement consultancy

Learn how your production and distribution processes can benefit from in-depth yield analysis. Understanding production versus output levels and distribution versus efficiency levels ensures you make optimal profits from every single one of the products you sell.

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