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Venners stocktakers and auditors help UK franchisors and franchise owners audit and uphold compliance standards of their franchise sites.

Franchise control solutions

Compliance audits can be of great benefit for franchise organisations and can support both franchisors, franchisees or anyone that owns and runs multiple franchise businesses. Independent audits can validate that your sites and staff are following company agreed internal operating standards and benchmarks.

Venners franchise compliance auditing and stocktaking services can check branding, financial and operational procedures at branch level. With a nationwide team of auditors we can audit any and all of your UK based franchised sites against a standardised compliance framework and within a specified timeframe. Regular franchise site compliance audits guarantee not only improved business confidence, but also improved business excellence and will help to:

Improve standards

Monitor performance

Protect reputation

Safeguard revenue

Control stock

Manage risk

Specialist franchise services

Site audits

Site audits

Maintain and improve adherence to your franchise model’s operating standards. Our auditors check branch level compliance against a standardised framework, scoring each site on key categories such as brand adherence, customer service, food quality, cleanliness and more.

Franchise royalty checks

Franchise royalty checks

Keep track of and validate royalty payments that are due by franchisees. Franchisees can under-report sales to lower their royalty fees by manipulating paperwork and till systems. Our compliance auditors verify that the sales and royalty reports franchisees submit reconcile with EPOS data.

Franchise inventory control

Franchise inventory control

Improve inventory management and stock control across your franchised estate. Our stocktakers help your sites boost stock profits and will deliver standardised stock take reports for each franchise site they visit. They can also deliver business specific stock control training.

Franchisee fraud checks

Franchisee fraud checks

Confirm that branch security and cash and banking controls follow your agreed guidelines. Our audits cover checks on staff, stock, systems and money, and delve deep into branch level financial audit trails to help you find, prevent and address internal fraud and theft.

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