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Venners stocktakers, auditors and consultants support many UK-based brewery and winery operators with stock takes and audits.

Liquor stock control solutions

The production and selling process of beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks by brewery, winery and distillery operators can hugely benefit from specialist liquor stock takes. Managing the inventory, revenue and stock analysis of any size brewhouse, wine company, or other drinks production business, is simply vital for optimising profits.

As a business whose founder ran a large brewery in the South East of England, Venners now have over 125 years of experience working with the UK beer, wine and spirits trade. Having learnt the sector’s operational challenges and how to overcome them we still work with many brewers, winemakers and distillers who know and trust us to deliver stocktaking, valuations and auditing to:

Count stock

Value stock

Control inventory

Reduce losses

Improve profit

Optimise yield

Brewery and winery services

Liquor stock takes

Liquor stock takes

Improve your beer, wine and liquor profits with the help of our stock takes. Our stocktakers deliver standardised same-day stock take reports for each production, storage and restaurant site we visit. They’ll also provide full analysis and a debrief at the end of each stock take.

Stock and equipment inventory

Stock and equipment inventory

Get a full product inventory and valuation list of stock and small equipment. Our stocktakers will count any volume and variety of cans, bottles, specialist products and retail products across production facilities, storage rooms, warehouses, cellars, restaurants and shops.

Retail shop audits

Retail shop audits

Manage your retail stock inventory better with regular stock audits and analysis. Our retail stock counts can be completed on top of your liquor stock takes, or can be completed as standalone stock takes. Reports are always published on the very same day as your stock take.

Yield improvement consultancy

Yield improvement consultancy

Find out how your production and selling process can benefit from yield analysis. Understanding stock production versus output levels and consumption versus sales levels ensures you make optimal profits from every single one of your beer, wine and liquor products.

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