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Need a stocktaker within 24 hours? We offer fast response stock takes for hospitality businesses.

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Last minute stock takes

With over 200 stocktakers and head office support we are the largest hospitality industry stocktaking provider in the UK. Our operational setup allows us to quickly arrange last minute stocktaking for customers. We can send out fast response stocktakers to your sites within 24 hour notice.

24 hour support

Thanks to our flexible working arrangements, we’re used to delivering stock takes at all hours of the day. Tell us when you need your stock take and we’ll do our best to accommodate. You can also expect fast responses from our head office support team who work from 08:00 – 17:30 Monday to Friday.

Same day reports

Audit reports and stock results are published on site and fully discussed with your food and beverage management team at the end of each stock take. This includes a written report detailing your stock analysis and any action points and recommendations for improving performance.

Why choose Venners

Trusted stocktaking providers

Venners are a trusted stocktaking provider to top hospitality and tourism businesses across the UK. We’ve delivered profit building solutions to pubs, hotels, restaurants, caterers, cafes, clubs, holiday parks, museums, attractions and many other operators. We also regularly support other industries like retail and warehousing with stocktaking and inventory projects.

Accredited stocktakers

Thanks to our well-renowned methodologies and BII accredited training, you can be sure to receive best in class insight from our stocktakers. As the most efficient counters in the country our stocktakers deliver same-day reports which detail your most up-to-date trading information, so you can enter each stock period focused on achieving higher gross profits.

Food and beverage specialists

With over 125 years experience in food and drink stocktaking you can be certain to get accurate results and useful insight. Beyond food and drink product stocktaking our stocktakers can also count any other type of product. They’ll help you analyse and control stock levels, stockholding, GP, yield, variances and more, for a more profitable operation.

Optional stock take extras

Our stock take solutions are flexible in nature and tailored to our customer’s business needs. That’s why we also offer a range of extra add-on services. Choose any or all of the following add-ons: customised reports, spirit testing, cash counts, banking checks, mentoring, training and a number of software solutions.

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Call Today to Book Your Stocktake

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The benefits to your operation

Improved gross profit

Improved gross profit

See real improvements in your gross profits thanks to low cost services that offer a direct ROI.

Higher product yield

Higher product yield

Generate optimal profits in the till for every product you sell with the help of our product yield coaching.

Minimised losses

Minimised losses

Reduce losses by learning where your business could protect profits and eradicate write-offs.

Enhanced stockholding

Enhanced stockholding

Get guidance on close dated or slow moving stock to improve stock holding and profitability.

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