Factory efficiency analysis increases production levels

“Factory efficiency analysis can help production warehouses and food factories grow in multiple ways. Expert consultants can analyse real-time performance processes and data for production lines within any food and drink operation. This process leads to discovering the bigger wins for an organisation. From looking at actual usage of stock to waste reduction and everything in between, our experts will deliver field based insight to help grow profit and reduce losses.”

– Malcolm Muir, Consultancy Director

1. Brief: Factory efficiency analysis for food production plant

A large meat production factory was looking to optimise performance levels and review the overall yield of their production lines. Venners was able to assist them by sending in a team of experts, to identify key areas for improvement and carry out relevant physical measurements.


2. Project: Site-based production data collection

Base factory efficiency data was collected over 3 days and found 2 inefficient production lines

The consultants visited the production site to record and then analyse key performance data against acceptable benchmarks. From this they then provided relevant feedback and recommendations through which the client would be able to run a more profitable business.

The project consisted of a 3 day investigation, in which our team weighed over 2,650kg of products, examined the factory’s process flows, assessed machine calibration and observed staff utilisation.


3. Findings: Excessive wastage on 2 production lines

From the extensive amount of data that was collected and examined, our consultants discovered that as much as 800kg of products were being discarded. The data outlined that total losses amounted to 6.8% of all production output, with 5.2% of that being allocated to potential wastage, 0.6% being caused by line closure loses and 1% of stock being thrown away.


The results from this project also revealed two particularly inefficient production lines. In this instance tray jams were identified as a particular drawback, whereby meat was clogging up the packaging production lines. Our expert consultants spent some time testing various corrective models on the production line, comparing the data to the previous day to see if relevant improvements were made.

Lastly, there were a number of other issues identified, which included, unsatisfactory product quality, insufficient product sizes and potential problems with calibration of machinery weighing capacities. Staff were not supervised in the necessary areas and were not adequately trained to measure and record wastage. This also translated to the completion of rolling stock counts, which were not completed due to the absence of trained staff.


4. Outcome: Production increased by 7 products per minute 

By providing the factory with expert analysis and advice, they saw their throughput rise by 7 extra products per minute. Staff morale was boosted, wastage was reduced and production lines became more efficient, leading to higher profits and better product quality.


Thanks to Venners relaying the findings from this project, the food factory was able implement changes and resolve the concerns it was facing regarding factory performance and efficiency levels, consequently leaving the business to flourish to its full potential. Due to the phenomenal success of the report, Venners services will continue to be utilised within any future projects.


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