A stocktaker’s career path: Interview with Angela Laycock

“I think everyone who knows me will agree that I absolutely love my job and with it I have made some amazing friends over the years – for me Venners is like one big family. I love helping clients and playing a little part in helping them improve their businesses.”

– Angela Laycock, Area Manager for London & South East, Venners

How did you end up working for Venners?

Before I worked for Venners I studied Maths & Statistics at Exeter University and then was a wine bar manager for Davys for 7 years – this definitely enhanced my product knowledge in so many ways! Stock control was also a key part of the job, which sparked my interest in this area.


How would you describe stocktaking as a job to someone that’s new to it?

I’ve been with Venners for almost two decades, of which 14 years was as a stocktaker in the London & South East region. There is definitely not a typical day on the job. No day is ever the same and you never know what to expect, which is part of the reason I loved the job. The best part of the job was definitely helping clients improve stock control and meeting new people. It really can be very rewarding seeing people improving their businesses.


What would you say to someone that wants to apply for the role as stocktaker?

If you love meeting new people and playing a part in helping clients make their businesses more successful then go for it. The early days may seem challenging whilst you are learning the ropes but we have a structured training program with some experienced trainers and management to guide you through. Once the training is complete and if you have a good mind set and approach to the job, you’ll have a great career ahead of you.


You’re now an area manager for the London & South East Region. Could you tell us a bit about your journey towards promotion?

I won Excellence First about 15 years ago, which was one of the highlights of my early stocktaking days – to be recognised by my colleagues was absolutely fantastic and it was a very memorable moment. I also represented my region as part of the Venners Staff Strategy Team from 2014 – 2018 and helped to do a presentation for this at the company-wide conference called ‘Forum’ in 2017, which was a big highlight. I think grabbing hold of these opportunities, along with hard work, high standards and determination definitely opened doors towards my promotion to Area Manager in 2018. I’m proud of how far I have progressed with my Venners Career and am lucky to have had brilliant trainers and colleagues to support me.


What do you expect to happen in your next years at Venners?

Well, with recent years being pretty much a write off due to COVID, the years ahead are going to be both challenging and exciting, but I’m thoroughly looking forward to being part of the team to grow the Company. I would love to see my career build within the Company and with the energy that I have, the sky is the limit!


Tell us a little bit about your life outside of work?

With a teenage daughter my life outside work is never dull and when there is that little escape from being a mum, I absolutely love baking and cooking….someone has to keep the London & South East Management chaps well fed on cakes and treats – move over Nigella!


What would your colleagues say about what it’s like to work with you?

They definitely would say they need earplugs from my talking, but I would like to think they would say it’s also a pleasure. I’ve met some fantastic people in this company and now have some long lasting friendships. My colleagues I hope would agree that I’m hard working with very high standards, but it’s never a dull day being around me!