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BII pub stocktaking packages

Thanks to our unique partnership with the BII we offer BII members special rates for stocktaking in their first 12 months with us –  T&Cs apply. As the only company in the UK whose stocktakers complete training that is accredited by the BII, our stock takes are the perfect solution for BII pubs. Speak to us today to find out about our range of flexible stocktaking options and additional services, which we adapt for any budget or size of operation.

We’ll help you to:

Reduce losses

Control stockholding

Optimise margins

Reduce waste

Manage yield

Improve GP

Services available to BII members

Create your own stock control package with any combination of the services listed below.

Food and beverage stock takes

Our food and beverage stocktakers are the fastest counters you’ll find and offer you a high return on investment. With accuracy guaranteed and specialist guidance given, their support will help your business stay on top of all its key operational data and hone your business into a more profitable operation.

Stock control training

Learn the basics of stock control with the help of a stock control training course and how to positively impact food and drink margins. Great for those who are new to the job, want to advance their stock control knowledge, or want to understand their stock take results better through interactive learning.

Spirit testing

Our stocktakers are able to test spirits to ensure they are genuine. This additional test will be recorded and reported in your stock report. The data should then be kept for due dilligence records.

Compliance checks

We’ll check anything you need checking. Meter readings, EPOS updates, due dilligence, documentation and records, financial and banking checks, brand related requirements and more. You set the standards and we’ll check the policies you have in place, working closely with you to create a bespoke audit.

Cash counts

Strengthen cash handling safety and control with independent cash counts by our auditors. From random unannounced till crashes, to regular cash float checks and safe checks, our walk-in cash counts get you accurate figures for cash-on-hand and bring real transparency to the accuracy of internal records.


5% off all stocktakes for 12 months*

What you'll get

Customer support

Customer support

Allow our customer service team to help you organise stock takes and talk you through any concerns or questions you might have about your stock take results. Plus request review meetings with your local field-based manager if needed.

Same-day reports

Same-day reports

Your stocktaker generates your report on-site on the same day as your stock count. The data, graphs and summaries in your report will help you visualise and understand what happened to your stock during the stock period.

Advice and action plans

Advice and action plans

Your stocktaker will sit with your site manager and discuss the results and summary of your report. They’ll point out action points, problems and opportunities so that appropriate action can be taken to improve gross profit.

Return on investment

Return on investment

Our services pay for themselves. Regular monthly stocktaking is proven to reduce losses. With the help of our post stock take coaching you can be sure that your pub’s profits are truly optimised.

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