Our franchise audit service helps franchisors and multi-site franchisee operators check that sites comply with and maintain brand, hygiene and operational standards.

Whether your franchise business is in need of legislative compliance support with food safety or just wants tighter brand controls for franchisees, Venners covers it all. Our franchise audit solutions are a convenient, periodic service that allows you to gain greater control over your franchise venues. We’ll work with you to define a franchise audit framework to ensure that your franchisees or site managers are operating in a compliant manner against governmental legislation as well as your companies own operating standards.

Our franchise audit solution validates whether agreed standards and benchmarks relating to your business’ brand, finances/royalties and operational compliance are being met. Our auditors will introduce a suite of controls, creating a full 360 degree compliance audit.

Every franchise business also has to adhere to a strong level of compliance from a number of external agencies who enforce legislation. Our franchise audit services draw from a range of compliance areas to help protect and prepare your business for these legislative requirements. From risk assessments, Health and Safety, Food Safety (including HACCP, COSHH and allergen compliance); to accident reporting.

With the help of our online multi-site compliance management platform, Audit Hub, your business will receive site-by-site compliance data to help you stay on top of controls.

Ian Jeffrey
Head of Compliance

“Thanks to Venners, we’re confident that customers entering a Creams store, anywhere in the UK, will find the same great environment, same amazing desserts, in the same spec, time after time. For a franchised business, Venners compliance audits are exactly what we needed to keep control of our brand – they do an excellent job!”

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Brand Compliance

Maintain Brand Standards

Financial Compliance

Royalties, Cash and Banking

Ops Compliance

Validate Ops Protocols

Purchasing Compliance

Correct Products/Supplies

Hygiene Compliance

Maintain Food Safety

H&S Compliance

Protect Staff & Guests
Franchise Audits include:
  • Brand Standards
  • Financial Compliance
  • Royalty Validation
  • Fraud Detection
  • Health & Safety
  • Food Safety
  • Supplier Checks
  • Retail Compliance
  • Service Standards

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