Worrying about your Hotel’s losses? Staggering margin gap keeping you up at night? Start taking back control today with our stock control and profit protection services for your hotels.

Food and beverage stocktaking is locked deep within the solution and on top of this, it also includes breakfast buffet margin optimisation, loss prevention, profit protection and insider theft detection. In short, we offer you a full solution for taking back control of your hotel’s profits.

Here's Why You Should Evaluate Venners

Improved GP%

Venners are proven to provide real return in investment; and with our stock control support, you can increase your gross profit by between 3-6%

Reduced Losses & Theft

We’ll help you follow your money, right from the customers purse all the way to the bank, highlighting all areas where losses occur, helping you to minimise your margin gap.

Losses Minimised

Venners stocktaking highlights all channels of potential and actual loss, helping you to eradicate operational losses and write-offs.

Improved Breakfast Margins

Whatever you offer guests for breakfast, we can help you achieve your margin aims, providing a great ROI too

F&B Stock Control

F&B stocktaking is a high ROI solution for restaurateurs looking to find greater GP from their operations and includes group stock reporting for multi-site restaurant companies.

Profit Protection

We analyse, benchmark and prototype protective solutions for your entire operation, closing down fraud, minimising losses and reducing your margin gap, maximising your gross profits.

Operational Compliance

We help to ensure your site-based staff are complying with your internal policies, brand guidelines and rules helping you deliver great customer experiences and run operations that continue to deliver strong results.

Audit & Policy Development

We work with you to create an audit specification that is right for your business which can cover all aspect of compliance and stock control. We’ll also work with you to develop your policies and in-house controls.

Same Day Reports

Audit reports and stock results are published on site and fully discussed with respective management. This includes a written report detailing any action points and recommendations for improving performance.

Business Support

Our support team is staffed by trained auditors – people who will fully understand your needs. Our management team are available to help you problem solve at site and are able to consult on follow up measures where necessary.
An image of a hotel worker setting up a breakfast buffet for the guests