Our consultancy division dedicate their time to helping customers, old and new, achieve higher profits, maintain tighter controls and provide greater protection for their business. Here is a quick snapshot of a few of our latest projects helping restaurants, bars and hotels protect their profits effectively:


Restaurant’s discovery visit restores profitability levels


French restaurant improves profitsOur Venners Consultants were contacted by a French restaurant in the north of England to help streamline their operation. Keen to resolve deep-seated issues that were negatively affecting the restaurant’s profitability levels, the restaurant’s owner employed our team to carry out a discovery visit.


The evidence obtained from the visit showed that the restaurant management’s poor record keeping and policy adherence were exposing the business to significant losses. The consultants advised the restaurant, providing simple policy changes that would help them avoid unnecessary losses in the future.


Read more about the details of the recommendations here


Hotel’s breakfast buffet analysis reduces lost profits

Hotel buffet wastageA European hotel operator recently upgraded their breakfast offering across their portfolio of hotels in Germany. Our consultancy team were called in to assist them in identifying any initial concerns about cost per head and quality of standards, especially taking into consideration the statistics related to their previous breakfast offer.


Tasked with standardising the breakfast day-part offering across the estate, the consultants helped the customer maximise profits whilst maintaining a superior quality of the breakfast offer. This included key approaches to combatting €23.8K worth of F&B wastage per annum.


Read more about the targeted action plan here


Risks of cash & stock abuse slashed for hotel


Hotel risks of cash & stock abuseVenners consultants investigated cash and stock flows at a luxury hotel near Oxford to close any gaps in the operation that left the business vulnerable to abuse. Attending the venue as mystery customers the consultants were able to gain true insight into the risks posed by both staff and customers. This brought to the table a worrying amount of security issues, which if left unaddressed could pose a real threat to profits in the future.


The consultants advised the hotel owner with steps that would help the hotel improve its financial performance and increase revenue drastically.


Find out the details of the hotel’s areas of greatest risks and how they combatted these here


Hotel bar addresses losses by implementing tighter controls


A busy hotel bar in Dublin wanted to achieve full revenue capture in order to pinpoint ways of reducing revenue losses in the future. Our consultancy team carried out a

Bar improves operational controls

covert observational audit to expose the root causes of any losses that were occurring. They soon came across several compromising situations, including a lack of accountability amongst staff members and the protocols that were in place.


Producing a review report with detailed action planning allowed the customer to address these key issues and establish tighter data capturing methods that would help improve accountability levels going forward.


For a comprehensive overview of this project click here.


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