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Drive better GP margins for your food and drink and pro golf shop stock

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We make golf club stocktaking simple and effective.

Stocktaking is a high ROI solution for UK golf club operators who are looking to grow the profit potential of their food and drink operation and their pro golf shop revenue.

Venners work with golf club operators all over the UK, providing specialist stocktaking services and advice on food and drink operations, as well as pro golf shop merchandise stock performance. Delivering same-day stock reports and easy to implement stock control action planning, we help golf clubs achieve maximum GP potential and grow the overal profit of these vital and often underperforming revenue streams. Businesses that accurately follow up on the advice we give, on average, witness a 2-7% increase in GP performance.

Flat Fees

Same-day stock results

Easy to understand reporting

Straightforward action planning

Anywhere in the UK

A trusted provider of stocktaking to UK golf clubs

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Improve GP margin

Receive vital operational data and analysis of your golf club’s food and drink operation and your pro golf shop. We’ll help you keep track of GP, yield, variances and other key performance indicators. Plus we’ll coach your  teams to tackle operational weaknesses and guide them to improve the gross profit margin of these revenue streams.

Maintain stock control

Our stock reports are published on-site on the same day that we complete your stock count. Results are fully discussed with those in charge of managing your stock control. The recommended action points can also be circulated to the golf club General Manager, Club Secretary, Treasurer and relevant members of the Committee.

Get business support

Our teams are trained to provide the highest quality of support whenever you need it. They’ll help to resolve any concerns you may have about your operation. Upon request and at a discounted fee, our consultants can provide further training where necessary, or investigate highlighted issues, such as pilferage and mismanagement.

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