Smart ways to make profit during restricted trading

Venners help operators restore control with specialist stocktaking, compliance and consultancy services.

Be in control of stock, revenue and profit

With our winning combination of profit protection services you will gain greater confidence in your business.

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venners stocktaking service being completed by stocktaker


Benchmark sales performance
Reduce shrinkage
Optimise stockholding
Increase F&B profits

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Identify hidden losses
Renew operational policies
Improve staff efficiency
Maximise margins

Franchisee Training


Identify operational risks
Support your Area Team with on site visits
Monitor internal COVID-19 policy observance
Safeguard revenue streams

Get back to business with Venners

Venners helps pubs, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses across the UK drive profits. We understand that no business is the same and that’s why we tailor our services to focus on your specific business needs. Through a varied portfolio of auditing and advice solutions our experts identify pressure points in your operations and finances. Their advice will give you the knowledge and tools to address risks, allowing you to refocus your attention on making money in what will be a safer financial and operational environment. Regain full control of all elements of your food and beverage operation with our support.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Venners has introduced Covid Secure working practises for our stocktakers, auditors and consultants

Protect Your Staff and Minimise Contact Between Staff and Customers

Find out how the Vennersys ordering app can help to protect your staff and minimise the impact of COVID-19.

Why Choose Venners

Over 120 Years Experience

We truly understand your business. As a dedicated supplier to the hospitality sector, we have built our methodologies on over 120 years of industry experience.

Nationwide Stocktakers & Auditors

We employ staff from all over of the UK, so you can be sure that our expert stocktakers and auditors are available near you.

Data Driven Solutions

We’ll help you achieve peak operational performance and profits through recommendations that are based on key trading data. All our staff have been meticulously trained and have amassed an unparalleled reputation for data analysis.

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