We’re excited to be presenting at this year’s Punch Roadshows

Venners Ltd will be appearing at all seven of the Punch Roadshows across the country for the next four weeks. The series of regional events, which began at Chester Racecourse, bring together Punch Tavern’s publicans from right across the UK to explore some of the most innovative and helpful services available to them. Venners’ Scott Hulme will be making a special appearance as a seminar speaker, presenting one of their latest stocktaking success stories.
Following David Fitzgerald’s decision to leave the industry and start his own Public Service consultancy firm in the city, Venners has initiated opportunities for furthering its growth. Two of Venners top performers, Tony D’Acanto and Tom East, will now be heading up the Commercial Partnerships and Marketing departments respectively.

Loss Prevention – We’re showing you the Money!

Venners characterise their new consultancy service as ‘following and showing you the money.’ Respecting the skillset of employees, they point out that it’s impossible to objectively analyse your own business in the same way an external expert can, even if it were possible to replicate their cross-sector skills and experience. Venners Consultants have defined eighteen critical…