Need help with buying or selling a pub?

With over 125 years of experience in the sector, we can offer expertise to make the buying or selling of a pub as profitable as it can be.

Buying or selling your pub

Choose the buying or selling package that works best for your pub business. Our services aim to support pub owners and managers with a planned exit or entrance into the market. We help bring your business’ operations into a robust state, whilst minimising stress around the time of sale and guiding you to the most profitable outcome for your business. The combination of leading stock control, auditing and advisory services we offer as part of our buying and selling packages are especially popular amongst independent small to medium sized pub businesses.

Takeover kickstarter

Get your pub on steady footing straight after purchase. We help you take your first steps towards running a profitable business. Receive 6 to 12 months of support in setting up business policies and processes, and becoming operationally and statutory compliant.

Fit for sale

Ensure your pub is in tip top condition before exposing it to the market and maximise the saleability of your pub. Over the space of 6 to 12 months, we help you create an enticing business package by establishing operational standards, cash and stock control.

Stock valuation

Receive an accurate valuation of stock whenever you buy, sell or transfer ownership of a pub. As sister company to leading property specialist Christie & Co, we offer stock valuations recognised by accounting standards so you know what your pub is worth inside out.

Invest in Excellence Training

Invest in Excellence Training

Training your staff when buying or selling a pub is a great way to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership. Our excellence training workshops are a sure way to see a return on investment through the operational improvements that are guaranteed to follow.


Expert support for pubs

We can stay with you throughout your business lifecycle. Rely on us to drive operational excellence and profits at every stage of your pub journey.

I need help after buying a pub

Buying a pub can be an overwhelming experience. Our Takeover Kickstarter buying aftercare package brings order and calm to what is normally a confusing and daunting time for new business owners. We aim to make the startup process simpler by helping you establish strong foundations for your business. Get a clear picture of what you are working with by first receiving a full costed inventory of your stock. We will then help you set up your operational goals, controls and standards. Kickstart your business into success with advice from us on best practice operating procedures, expected benchmarks and compliance requirements. 

Discovery visit

Stock valuation

Controls setup

Operations advice

Costs guidance

I need help with selling a pub

When selling a pub, it is a bad idea to leave the preparation for sale to the last minute. Rather than making a distress sale, it is wise to take the time to put relevant business procedures in place and get GPs and other trading figures into a sensible position. When you sell a pub at its peak, you can maximise the sale price and the speed of transaction. Our Fit for Sale package will deliver reporting on the strengths and weaknesses of every operating area in your business. Get basic tools and coaching on implementing stock control, compliance, menu costings, standard operating procedures, training and more. Each package includes:

Discovery visit

Controls review

Operations analysis

Costs assessment

Stock valuation

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