The Client:

A small Scottish pub company who had historically always done their own stocktaking, internally.

Our Solution

More recently the company’s directors had grown dissatisfied with the internally produced results, which were a long way from their expectations. They knew they needed more accurate data and a realistic plan to achieve their business targets. As such, one of their Directors, who had incidentally heard great things of Venners through his peers) asked if there was anything we could do for them.


We took on the stock auditing across their estate to find the units producing gross profits of 62% on average with some very large shortages. We immediately, highlighted a number of areas that demanded more attention and improvements were forthcoming over the next couple of months.


However, these improvements alone were not good enough for either Venners or the Directors, so we agreed to introduce staff training courses. These would help to demonstrate two things; how a stock report is calculated and how what they do at ground level affects the information produced within each and every stock result as well as their sites overall performance.


To say this was an eye opener for the management of each unit is an understatement, as many of the staff who attended these training courses had no idea of how stock results were put together or the amount of detail made visible through the process.


The training courses gave the staff a greater awareness of how their stock results are calculated and a greater respect for the advice being supplied by the Venners auditor. This in turn made managers increasingly willing to adhere to advice and as a result, there was a vast improvement in the results across all of the estate, with all units significantly improving gross profits and reducing shortages.


Overall the group has seen the average gross profit increase by 6%, with the best unit improving by over 8% – an average increase in profit of over £ 36,000 at each unit across the estate.

Case Study
  • Client          Pub Company
  • Type            Managed
  • Services      Consultancy & Stocktaking
  • ROI              Ave’ £36,000 / site