Venners has been stocktaking for the hospitality industry since 1896. We have long been considered the most responsive stocktakers in the industry. Our founder was a chartered accountant from a brewing family and was knighted in recognition of his services to the licensed trade. We produced our first digital results as early as the 1960’s!

We continue to develop and maintain cutting edge technology to provide our clients with a full suite of tools to improve their profits and controls.

We employ, not subcontract, a nationwide team of stocktaking consultants who deliver an exceptional level of reporting. They advise and service companies throughout the UK.

Venners are the only stocktaking company to have internal training accredited by the BII, the British Institute of Innkeeping. Our services include Liquor & Food Stocktaking, Real-Time Stocktaking and Control, Inventory Valuation and Health & Safety, including Food and Allergen Safety. We also provide a suite of compliance related services such as private investigation, financial compliance, operational compliance and Revenue investigation.

Our one aim as a stocktaking company is to help you improve your profits. Over time, through a successful partnership, and in achieving this we also aspire to make you an ambassador of our business. It is vital that you are delighted with our services. It is key that we continually exceed your expectations. Our entire team are committed to helping you improve your operating performance and we only succeed if you and your business prosper.

We pride ourselves on making our full depth of support available to you and we encourage you to use all of our services. We are able to offer discounts and bundled packages when you use more than one service, so be sure to explore the full extent of how we can help you. We are sure we can save you money.

Please get in touch via the contact page and any one of our team will be pleased to answer your questions. The experience Venners has amassed over many years is the largest databank of such knowledge in the UK – feel free to tap into it, free being the operative word – a consultation costs nothing and could make all the difference.

Our List of Services
F&B Stocktaking
F&F Inventory and Valuation
H&S Compliance
Food Safety Compliance
Operational Compliance
Franchisee/Royalty Audits
Loss Prevention
Company Values


Venners are proud to house a stable of audit-based services intended exclusively for the hospitality industry. As well as our renowned stocktaking package, we also offer a tenant and franchise support package, business health checks, consultancy, compliance, events and catering controls as well as a range of health and safety products.


For the best part of 120 years, Venners has been at the forefront of stocktaking for the hospitality industry. Today more than ever, our eyes are trained on bringing about success and improvements for all our clients, via our traditional stocktaking as well as our new audits and consultancy products.


The Venners brand is synonymous with it, and we are proud to play our part in the success of the hospitality industry, through our ethical services that truly bolster british businesses.


One of the reasons we love what we do is that helping businesses to higher profitability and more rigorous controls is a truly ethical endeavor. We’re only happy if our clients are happy and that means bringing about success and improvements for them.


Our company structure has been created to best support the needs of our clients throughout the UK. As a corporate client you will be assigned stocktakers, an account manager and board director to help you achieve your goals.


We fully employ our auditors. Each auditor is BII accredited and trained to level 2 health and safety. We consider our auditors more than just stock counters and box tickers. They are business analysts, consultants and coaches, able to guide you and your business to a position of better profitability.