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  • We give you the power to take direct action against staff theft, saving you tens of thousands!

  • We help you make the most out of your stock so that your dining offers make more money!

  • Our stocktaking solutions help to increase your F&B profitability – potentially adding 3-7%!

Eliminate theft in your bars

Hotel bars are perfect eco-systems for theft, whether it’s your stock, cash, even your customer’s cash! Our data suggests that on average, you’ll lose at least £50k a year retailing your food and drinks and that’s per hotel! Venners covert auditors (think foodie 00 agents) provide real-time surveillance at your bars, recording every single transaction that is (or isn’t) rung through the EPoS.

We help you understand what’s happening and the scale of the problem, as well as giving you the proof to let them go. They can also do it from your office, using the surveillance function on your EPoS system!

Reduce shrinkage & stock losses

Do you struggle with the movement of stock around your hotel or joining up services and charges with guests? It’s just so hard to lose track and sadly all too easy for expensive bottles of wine to go missing or for meals and bar tabs to go unaccounted for!

Our monthly stock control services eliminate shrinkage, optimise your stockholding and improve your food and beverage gross profits, typically by 2-7%, and our food-geek consultants drill down into your procurement, serve configurations and wastage to eliminate thousands of pounds of savings on your procurement!

Increase profits on breakfast

Hotel breakfast buffets and continental style food offers are a great way of providing a service to all of your guests. But the large amount of wastage involved as well as the difficulty in ensuring the cost per head is sustainable can both have a detrimental effect on profitability.

Our hotel consultants help you align your food procurement, benchmark food quantities, calculate price per heads and optimise your displays so that you don’t lose out. One customer was found to be losing £20,000 a year, on toast alone! Make sure this isn’t your hotel and contact Venners today for a hotel profit protection quote.

bar theft
An image of a hotel worker setting up a breakfast buffet for the guests

Your Hotel Profit Protection Package Includes

Prevent Theft

Strong measures to gather hard evidence of insider theft

Optimise Breakfasts

Breakfast buffet wastage analysis and cost savings

Control Stock

Reduce losses with stronger controls for your F&B stock

Investigate Fraud

Covert special investigations into internal cash fraud

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